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Manduka Eco Superlite

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If you're a frequent traveler, it's perfectly normal to want to fold your mat easily and carry it with you. To meet this demand, Manduka weighs only 1 kg and can be folded easily for traveling yogis.SuperLiteHe produced.from the eKO seriesThis yoga mat, with its superior features, comes with you wherever you go, allowing you to do your yoga practices safely. While the thin and light mat provides ease of carrying, it does not lose anything from its performance. Since it has a thickness of 1.5 mm, it does not lose its grip.

Features of SuperLite

Made of natural rubber, the travel mat is thin, light and has high grip.

It can be folded easily and fits practically in your suitcase.

99% latex free.

If you are going to do yoga in a studio outside your home, you can use it by placing it on the mat in the studio. It does not slip thanks to its structure that clings to the surface.

Thanks to its special woven shape, the SuperLite yoga mat is resistant to stretching and tearing. Made of natural rubber, Manduka's eKO series are stronger than any other rubber yoga mat available on the market and will outlast any of them if the care instructions are followed.

Its surface texture has superior grip, allowing you to switch between yoga poses even if you sweat. However, if you are a person who sweats heavily, or if you prefer intense sessions in the style of Hot Yoga, using your mat together with a yoga towel will positively affect your performance. Yoga mat towels are multi-functional aids. When you use it on the mat surface, it absorbs the sweat and prevents the liquid from passing to the mat and thus forming a slippery floor. While performing your movements without the risk of slipping, you also extend the life of the mat. Additionally, you can machine wash the towel when your yoga session is over.

eKO SuperLite Travel Care

Since the mats in the eKO series are made of natural rubber, they have a more sensitive structure than synthetic mats. For this reason, their maintenance requires more delicacy. If you use your SuperLite yoga mat in hot climates, you need to perform regular maintenance to prevent the mat from drying out and losing its flexibility. For maintenance and cleaning, you can choose Manduka's specially produced solutions for rubber mats.

Before using the mat, you should make sure that the surface is dry. If it is placed on a wet floor, the colors on the surface of the mat may fade or the patterns of the mat may cause staining on the floor.


All mats in the eKO series are made from rubber sustainably harvested from trees grown outside the Amazon. The production processes of the products in Manduka's collection do not contain chemicals that may harm the environment. The products in the eKO series are biodegradable and compatible with nature.


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