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Manduka GRP Yoga Mat

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Are you doing Hot Yoga? Do you sweat a lot while doing yoga? Are you slipping on the mat because you sweat? If the answer to even one of these questions is yes, you have found the right yoga mat for you. Manduka, for all intense yoga sessionsGRP seriesdesigned it. The mats in the GRP series absorb the liquid as you sweat and the grip ability increases as you take the liquids inside. As the risk of slipping is eliminated, all you have to do is concentrate on your poses and enjoy your yoga session. Available in three different models, GRP mats are Manduka's highest holding members.

Features of GRP

The basic model of GRP has a thickness of 6 mm and you can complete your yoga session without slipping even during the most intense sessions. The Adapt model, which is slightly thinner by 5 mm, also carries the same features. Meeting the search for a thinner and lighter matGRP Liteis 4 mm thick. Since the technical structure of the product is the same, its non-slip feature does not change.

Manduka's innovative design provides the excellent grip of GRP with a matte leather-like top layer. No matter how much you sweat, thanks to this layer that absorbs the liquid and clings to you, you stay stable on the mat.

Thanks to the charcoal-infused rubber center layer of the mat, liquid is easily absorbed and odor-free.

The bottom surface with 100% open air flow, which acts as a filter, allows the sweat to evaporate and the liquid does not accumulate inside.

The GRP series is 99% latex-free.

The mat has an open cell structure and will show signs of wear over time as it absorbs the liquid. The top thinnest layer of three-layer GRP mats begins to peel off over time, and this is completely normal. The GRP series does not have a lifetime guarantee like the PRO series, which has a single-layer and closed-cell structure.

Since GRP mats absorb the liquid, it is necessary to be careful in their cleaning. Only use special Manduka solutions recommended for cleaning the mat. Disinfectant or other cleaning products affect the life of the product as it will stay inside the mat. Avoid using such products.


Manduka is a brand that has adopted the principles of sustainability. It works with facilities with high energy efficiency for production. The mats in the GRP series are produced in a facility that produces under these conditions in Spain. No toxic emissions are released into the atmosphere during production. The core layer and undersurface of GRP are manufactured from sustainably sourced natural rubber.


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