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Manduka Yoga Belt

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The creator of the world-famous Iyengar Yoga style and one of the world's leading yoga gurus, Indian B.K.S. Iyengar describes his own body as the instrument of his soul. He prefers other aids used in yoga not only to support the asana, but also to relax the mind by supporting the body. In this sense, the yoga belts that he created in the 1960s are actually as old as the history of yoga. Support straps or yogapatta made of various fabrics have been used to fix yoga poses for almost two thousand years. The thin strips identified with Iyengar are considered the origin of today's modern yoga straps.

Inspired by the original design of B.K.S IyengarManduka yoga beltsIt helps you to stretch more while practicing yoga poses. You can reach the furthest points with your hands and feet thanks to the yoga belt, which you can use safely in the most challenging positions. Yoga belts securely fix you in a pose you want to stay in. You just concentrate on your pose without worrying about slipping or falling. In this way, your mind will be at ease. Yoga belts, which take your experience to the next level, are one of the auxiliary accessories used while doing yoga. Yoga belts also allow you to improve yourself in yoga poses.


Manduka designs yoga belts by staying true to Iyengar's belt model. The product is light, environmentally friendly and durable. The belt, which provides a secure grip thanks to its strong buckle made of zinc, allows you to do yoga poses confidently. Belts produced by prioritizing durability eliminate the risk of slipping.

The Unfold yoga belt, made of 100% cotton, has a thickness of 2 mm. It is produced in 182 cm and 243 cm dimensions so that you can choose the length that suits your needs. Different color options are available. It is recommended to hand wash the product only and hang dry.

Produced in 243 cm lengthAligNThe yoga belt has six different color options. Woven from 100% natural cotton processed without bleaching, the product safely supports your body even in the most challenging yoga poses. It prevents slipping possibilities and allows you to concentrate on the position. The product should be hand washed.


All products in Manduka's collection are produced in high energy efficient facilities, with environmental awareness. No harmful chemicals are released to the environment during production. Yoga belts are made from all-natural cotton, without the use of bleach or other chemical materials. In this way, both employees, users and the environment are protected.


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