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Manduka Yoga Mat

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Manduka, one of the most preferred yoga mat brands in the world, includes yoga mats for every need in its collection. The brand has a wide range of products for both yoga sessions and different floor exercises. There is a special series designed for environmental yogis. Famous for hosting the most preferred yoga mats all over the worldof the PRO seriesThere are also mats designed for beginners. If you travel a lot and want to take Manduka quality with an easy-to-carry mat, colorful alternatives await you.

Unique Cushioning

Manduka's unique cushioning feature helps to protect your joints with its dense and soft texture. You will not feel the presence of the floor on the mats, which can be used easily on any surface. You will be extra comfortable on the mat thanks to the legendary cushioning feature that stands out most in the PRO series. If you want to practice on a densely textured, voluminous yoga mat, Manduka yoga mats are for you with their dimensions reaching 6 mm. Manduka's high quality dense texture offers comfort even on the thinnest mat of the brand.

Excellent Anti-Slip

Manduka designs all of its mats to be slip resistant. The series that stands out more with its anti-slip feature in the collectionGRPis . These mats, which increase their grip as they absorb moisture, help you maintain your balance during your yoga sessions. It supports you during the sessions where you sweat the most, including Hot Yoga, and allows you to complete your practice without slipping.

PRO orfrom the eKO seriesIt is recommended to use a mat with a yoga towel during intense sessions. Specialyoga towelIt absorbs sweat and prevents the mat surface from getting wet and slippery. In this way, your practices will be more comfortable.

For Beginners

If you have just started yoga, you can learn yoga poses more easily with the alignment line on the Begin Mat. Begin keeps you in balance thanks to its excellent adhesion to the ground.In the beginner seriesThe other model, X Mat, is easily portable with its light structure. You can easily take your mat wherever you go.


All Manduka products are produced in energy-efficient facilities. There are no chemicals harmful to human health in the components of the products. The production processes of the brand are sensitive to the environment.

The Manduka eKO series contains the most environmentally friendly products in the collection. ECO mats are made from natural rubber trees that grow outside the Amazon. It is fully recyclable. If you are sensitive to the environment and want your mat to have this feature, you can do this with a Manduka eKO mat.

PRO mats, which have a lifetime guarantee, stand out with these aspects in terms of environmentalism. The PRO series, which is made of high quality PVC material, is also OEKO-TEX certified. This certificate is given to products that do not contain components that harm the environment and human health.

The mats in the GRP series, like the eKO series, are made from rubber sustainably harvested from trees grown outside the Amazon.

No chemical solvents, toxic adhesives or paints are used in the production of the mats in the starter series.


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