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Manduka Begin Yoga Mat

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Manduka has designed a special mat with those new to the world of yoga in mind. Taking into account the needs of beginner yogis, the brand named this new model Begin. A guide line has been placed on the mat, which offers superior cushioning with its dense texture, which will enable easy movements.

Getting Started with Yoga Begin Yoga Mat

Cushioning is one of Manduka's prominent quality elements. This feature, which is also present in the Begin mat, is provided with a thickness of 5 mm.

Begin your yoga matDouble-sided use is available. Both surfaces of the mat are suitable for practice.

An alignment line has been added across the surface of the mat to guide beginners. This line running through the center of the mat is designed to assist yogis who are just learning yoga moves. It allows those new to yoga to switch between poses easily. It guides the hands and feet to settle in the right spots.

Thanks to its closed cell structure, it does not absorb sweat and prevents the formation of bacteria. It is easy to clean. With the cleaning solutions specially developed by Manduka for yoga mat surfaces, you can leave the mat to dry and then remove it. Never clean the mat with a vacuum cleaner. Do not wash in the washing machine and do not leave it in water.

TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) was used in the production of the mat. While the rubber-like synthetic material offers strong cushioning, it provides a soft floor for practice.

The mat weighs only 1.1 kg, making it easy to transport. You can easily carry the Begin yoga mat from home to the studio or on travels.

Other Matte “X” in the Starter Series

Manduka in the starting lineupThere is one more matte model. Designed for different sportsx matIt has the same technical features as the Begin yoga mat. It can be used double-sided. Made of TPE material, it offers the same density of cushioning. It is suitable for use with shoes.

The surface of both mats in the starter series can become slippery due to excessive sweating. Therefore, if you have a biologically sweaty nature, it is recommended to use these mats with a yoga mat towel. The yoga mat towel simply solves the problem of sweating. It absorbs the liquid and prevents it from passing to the surface of the mat and allows you to do your yoga practices without slipping.


Manduka is an environmentalist brand that cares about being sustainable. It produces in facilities with high energy efficiency.

Both mats in the starter series are produced from recycled and biodegradable TPE. This environmentally friendly material does not contain toxic adhesives and chemical solvents.


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